Music Comparison Survey

Please do the survey on PC or LAPTOP. On mobile devices your results will not be recorded.

Welcome to our comparative survey.

It consists of 4 parts.

The first one contains general demographic questions. The second one is a 10 question personal inventory.

The third and the fourth parts contain the actual audio recordings which are to be compared by pairs. Each pair consist of two different recordings of the same musical piece. There are 11 pairs of recordings within each part.

The task is to choose which one of the two recordings in the pair you like more. The 11 pieces on parts 3 and 4 are the same but in part 4 we compare the more subtle nuances between the two recordings.

The whole survey may take about 30 to 60 minutes, depending on how many times one decides to listen to the recordings in question.

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We would recommend you to use headphones for best experiencing the sound examples.

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Thank you for your time in advance.

The research team of the Project.

Part 1

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Part 2

I see myself as: Extraverted, enthusiastic. (required)
I see myself as: Critical, quarrelsome. (required)
I see myself as: Dependable, self-disciplined. (required)
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Part 3

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Part 4

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Stravinsky – Petrushka

Stravinsky – 3 Scenes from Petrushka

440Hz Equal Temperament

432Hz Equal Temperament

432Hz Open Fifths Temperament


Denisov – Rusisches Lied

440Hz Equal Temperament

432Hz Equal Temperament

432Hz Open Fifths Temperament

Update – October

Preparation of sound files for the on-line survey: selection of musical examples, processing and generating of sound files.

Participation at the international conference „Cultural integration, transfers, signs of memory” (27-28 October 2016) with the paper „Sound transfers. Bird songs and “There was a time“ by Coreen Morsink“. Publication in the proceedings of the paper.

Recordings in Churches

St. Trinity
St. Transfiguration

Comaprative recordings in 440 Hz and 432 Hz:
Yosif Yosifov – violin

Mozart – Double piano sonata – D Dur

Update September

Recordings in churches in Sofia

St. Alexander nevsky
St. Petka – old
St. Nedelya
St. Nikolay from Mir

Making comparative recordings in 440 HZ and 432 Hz:
Anna Karalasheva – violoncello

Ordered the books:

  1. Yost, А – „Fundamentals of hearing“
  2. Кölsch, St. – s “Music and the Brain”
  3. Patel, Aniruddh D. – “Music, Language, and the Brain”
  4. Horowitz, S. – “The Universal Sense: How Hearing Shapes the Mind”
  5. Sloboda, J. – “The Musical Mind – The Cognitive Psychology of Music
  6. Haynes, Br. – “History of Performing Pitch: The Story of ‘a’”
  7. Rebuschat, P. – “Language and Music as Cognitive Systems”
  8. Arbib, M. (edited by) – “Language, Music, and the Brain: A Mysterious Relationship”
  9. Zatorre, P – “The Cognitive Neuroscience of Music”

Update – June

Bought recording technique:

Zoom H6 Handy recorder
Zoom H6 Shotgun Mic Capsule
Zoom H6 Accessory Pack

The following pieces are defined as a possible to be included in a concert programme, which will serve to present the a1 = 432 Hz concert pitch to the audience:

  1. Stefan Dragostinov – „Summer suite“
  2. Krassimir Taskov – „Adagio for stringsи“
  3. Georgi Arnaudov – „Concierto Barocco“
  4. Vassil Kazandzhiev – Two songs for higer voice and string orcehstra, soloist Miryana Kalushkova
  5. Yassen Vodenicharov – “Le Vase de Klein”
  6. Nikolay Badinsky – “Con pensieri a Samuel Beckett“for viola, cello and double bass
  7. Vassil Kazandzhiev – “Complexi Sonori”