Анкета със сравняване на музика

Please do the survey on PC or LAPTOP. On mobile devices your results will not be recorded.

Welcome to our comparative survey.

It consists of 4 parts.

The first one contains general demographic questions. The second one is a 10 question personal inventory.

The third and the fourth parts contain the actual audio recordings which are to be compared by pairs. Each pair consist of two different recordings of the same musical piece. There are 11 pairs of recordings within each part.

The task is to choose which one of the two recordings in the pair you like more. The 11 pieces on parts 3 and 4 are the same but in part 4 we compare the more subtle nuances between the two recordings.

The whole survey may take about 30 to 60 minutes, depending on how many times one decides to listen to the recordings in question.

We would really appreciate if you decide to share with us your e-mail. It will be used for sending news and information about the project.

We would recommend you to use headphones for best experiencing the sound examples.

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Thank you for your time in advance.

The research team of the Project.

Part 1

My age is: (required)
My sex is: (required)
My highest degree of completed education or my academic title: (required)
I am a professional musician. (required)
Years of my experience in making music: (required)
I will be listening to the sound examples in this survey on: (required)

Part 2

I see myself as: Extraverted, enthusiastic. (required)
I see myself as: Critical, quarrelsome. (required)
I see myself as: Dependable, self-disciplined. (required)
I see myself as: Anxious, easily upset. (required)
I see myself as: Open to new experiences, complex. (required)
I see myself as: Reserved, quiet. (required)
I see myself as: Sympathetic, warm. (required)
I see myself as: Disorganized, careless. (required)
I see myself as: Calm, emotionally stable. (required)
I see myself as: Conventional, uncreative. (required)

Part 3

Q1 (required)
Q2 (required)
Q3 (required)
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Q11 (required)

Part 4

Q12 (required)
Q13 (required)
Q14 (required)
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Q16 (required)
Q17 (required)
Q18 (required)
Q19 (required)
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Стравински – Петрушка

Стравински – 3 сцени от “Петрушка”

440Hz – Равномерна темперация

432Hz – Равномерна темперация

432Hz – Темперация с “отворени квинти”


Едисон Денисов – “Руска Песен”

440Hz – Равномерна темперация

432Hz – Равномерна темперация

432Hz – Темперация с “отворени квинти”

Ъпдейт за извършените дейности – октомври месец

Подготовка на звукови файлове за он-лайн анкетата: подбор на музикални примери, обработка и генериране на звукови файлове.

Участие в международна среща-конференция между БАН и МАНУ „Културна интеграция, трансфери, знаци на паметта” (27-28 октомври 2016) с доклад „Звукови трансфери. Песните на птиците и „There was a time“ (“Имаше време”) от Корийн Морсинк“. Публикация на доклада в сборник от конференцията.

Записи в църкви

Св. Троица
Св. Преображение

Сравнителни записи в 440 Hz 432 Hz:
Йосиф Йосифов – цигулка